Paris, somewhat cold


Start the day visiting the street market in Barbès. Close to the touristic hub of Montmartre a neighbourhood called "Little Africa" stretches out. It's a real Souk, a kind of a ghetto and certainly a myth! Drugs, prostitution, street crime ... you name it.


Originally this area was called "Goutte dOr" in remembrance of the many vineyards that were located here. From 1840 onwards Paris conquered this area and immigrants from all over the world took advantage of cheap housing and cheap labour. In the 20th century many immigrants from Maghreb, black Africa and Asia flocked in.


By now some 40 nationalities or ethnic groups are among the 22.000 inhabitants of Barbès.


Street Photography

Strolling around in Paris, 3rd quarter. Certainly a place for hunting in the evenings.


La Defense

X-Mas market at La Defense? Does it get any better? I could never warm up for the

dead-tech, post-modernistic architecture of this place. Still, contrasts work even in the bitter cold.

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