Travel · 16 September 2019
For me Shanghai is the most gorgeous Chinese city - architecture, history, people ... all connected in a stunning fabric. Imagine what this city must be like 10 years down the road …
Travel · 11 August 2019
Back to China. Time to move around – 4 stops: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Zhangjiajie, Beijing. One of my better trips to China given variety and wow-factors.

Travel · 18 Mai 2019
Once upon a time, some 500 years ago ... the first tomb was constructed.
Travel · 15 März 2019
A sentimental journey to a magnificent city.

Travel · 01 März 2019
#2 tour on Père Lachaise Cemetery (French: Cimetière du Père-Lachaise, Paris' largest cemetery.
Travel · 01 Januar 2019
Travelling in the Thar desert with some pics and reflections about fauna, flora, wildlife and ... people.

Travel · 28 Dezember 2018
Travelling through Rajasthan offers a target rich environment for street photography
Travel · 11 Oktober 2018
Sometimes Beijing can be nothing but a big bore. It just takes fog, dull architecture and the relentless mist of pollution.

Travel · 24 September 2018
Street Photography in New York - so many wannabees, havebeens, celebrities, aviators ... just the right blend to enjoy it all.
Travel · 07 September 2018
My first trip to iconic Edinbourgh, Scotland. A charming city, full of historical sites, bustling culture, a very pleasing atmosphere, and … fun locals.

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