Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is the authenticity of a photograph/work ensured?

All works from Gravy Days are accompanied by a numbered certificate, assuring the quality of the print, the materials used and the limitation, origin, and exclusiveness of the work. These certificates will be sent to you separately. The certificates are accompanied by a biography of the photographer and a description of the work, allowing you to find out more about him or her and to understand his or her approach. Keep the certificate and all accompanying materials in a safe place in case you want to resell the photograph.


How many prints per photograph?

Each of our photographs has a limited number of prints that ever will be produced. The unique edition number is stated on the authentication certificates. Check out the photography description in our online gallery to see the total number of prints. This number can vary depending on the preferences of the photographer and Gravy Days. However once a photograph is for sale, no adjustments to the production numbers will be made.